TTi is the exclusive distributor for Xantrex programmable dc power supplies
within the UK.

Xantrex  - pricing for the UK



Xantrex products are very competitively priced in comparison to international competition.

However, prices are strongly related to the value of the dollar and change regularly.  Consequently, TTi no longer publishes a price list for Xantrex products.

For up to date pricing information please contact TTi so that an experienced sales or support engineer can discuss your requirement in detail.

If you would like to check a price, check delivery time, purchase a product, or get an official quotation, please contact our sales desk.


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For the best possible service, please 'phone. This will ensure that you are quoted for the right product and provides the opportunity for you to speak to an engineer if any technical advice is needed.

Alternatively you may contact us by Email, by Fax, by Post, or by using a Web Form:

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Please supply sufficient information to ensure that we can quote you correctly.

Ordering Information

Xantrex products are specified by the series acronym, followed by the maximum output Voltage Value, followed by the maximum output Current value, e.g. XHR 7.5-130. All options and accessories should be listed as separate line items. Option M22 must be listed for XHR front panel binding posts.

When ordering Dual, Triple and Quad output XT and HPD units, the appropriate suffix is added to the series acronym, e.g. XTD 30-2. 

When ordering XT units, or HPD units where different models are combined in the same case, the maximum output Voltage is used to identify the model, e.g. XTT 30 60 15. This part number identifies a unit with one XT 30-2 module, one XT 60-1 module, and one XT 15-4 module in the same case. 

When ordering XT and HPD models in the same case, XH replaces the series acronym, and an H suffixes the maximum output Voltage value of HPD units, e.g. XHQ 30 30 30H 30H. This part number identifies a unit with two XT 30-2 modules, and two HPD 30-10 modules in the same case.

Get More Information: 

Please contact our sales desk and ask for the Xantrex full-line catalogue which contains full technical data on all of the models.
Alternatively a large amount of data is included on this site including pdf data sheets, or use the Request Info button to ask for data to be sent.
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