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Prism Sound are the World leaders in Audio Test and Measurement with the dScope audio analyser system.

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dScope Series III

The state of the art
in professional audio test


The Prism Sound dScope Series III audio analyzer is an industrial strength audio test and measurement system comprising a Windows PC software application coupled with an external high-precision audio interface processor for equipment-under-test (EUT) connections.

The dScope Series III architecture makes the most of the ever-increasing processing and multi-tasking capabilities of the Windows platform to allow the system to measure many parameters simultaneously - and that means faster. The external interface processor connects to the PC via a standard USB connection making it easy to use with a wide range of PCs, including laptops.

The external interface processor includes precision analogue and digital outputs and inputs that are highly optimised for measurement applications. Precise and automatic gain ranging allows high resolution measurements over a phenomenal range from a few micro-volts to more than 150 volts RMS, and from less than 1 Hz to over 90kHz.

The dScope Series III interface processor uses dedicated DSP to provide a wide range of real time measurements, and the software uses the host PC for almost unlimited number crunching and analysis options such as Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT),  power spectrum analysis, swept sine and multi-tone testing.

The dScope interface processor also provides controlled degradation and analysis of AES3 and S/PDIF digital audio carriers. The software also allows the dScope to use installed Windows sound devices such as sound cards or bluetooth audio headsets as generator outputs or analyzer sources.

dScope Series III is highly programmable - great for production test automation and for specialised custom audio analysis. It can also be automated from a wide range of third party software using ActiveX controls - almost anything you can do with dScope can be automated and controlled remotely.

In addition, the rich feature set of dScope Series III means that it can do the job of many traditional instruments which in turn means cost savings, especially when it is time for re-calibration !

Prism Sound Audio Analysers and Related
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dScope Series III Analogue and Digital Audio Analysers

Comprehensive audio test systems for analogue and digital audio and Windows sound devices

dScope Series III Analogue and Digital Audio Analyzer

dScope Series IIIA and A+ Analogue Audio Analysers

Comprehensive audio test systems for analogue audio and Windows sound devices

dScope Series IIIA Analogue Audio Analyzer

dScope Series III-TS Digital and Analogue Audio Test Set

The dScope Series III-TS is simply a self-contained integrated unit incorporating a large XGA multifunctional touch panel PC, internally permanently connected to the standard and well-proven dScope Series III hardware and running the standard and also well proven dScope Series III software.

The screen orientation can be changed so that the dScope Series III-TS can be operated either with it's screen on top or on the side.

The integrated computer runs the Microsoft Windows® 7 professional operating system (or later).  Operation can be via touch screen and/or keyboard and mouse.

dScope Series IIIA Analogue Audio Analyzer

16 channel I/O switcher

dScope Series III peripheral for connecting multiple channels of digital or analogue audio

dS-NET I/O Switcher

Digital Serial Interface adapter

dScope Series III peripheral for connecting to board level digital audio serial connections with formats such as I2S

dS-NET VSIO Adapter

Passive Low Pass Filter

dScope Series III peripheral for testing digital power amplifiers

dS-LPF Low Pass Filter

DSA-1 AES/EBU digital analyzer.

Hand-held AES/EBU Signal Analyzer and Generator. It is unique as a battery-powered instrument for carrier, jitter and data analysis of digital audio signals.

AutoTestSQL test management system

Networkable, multi-user test automation and logging system based on SQL database

AutoTestSQL production test management system


A range of specialist loudspeaker design simulation and measurement software modules. There is a LOUDSOFT product for each aspect of the design, optimisation and test of loudspeakers.


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