TTid is a Platinum Certified Distributor for Tektronix, and is the

UK Strategic Partner for higher technology products.


Tektronix oscilloscope, function generator, multimeter and PSU products, available in the UK from TTid

   The Tektronix product range:


We have divided the Tektronix product range into four groups:

Lower bandwidth 'scopes - 50MHz to 200MHz        Higher bandwidth 'scopes - 300MHz to 3.5GHz


Arbitrary/Function generators       Bench Products - DMMs, Counters, PSUs, Power Analyzers, RF Sig Gens


USB Real-time Spectrum Analyzer      Or see the whole Tek range on one page: All Products


 Lower bandwidth oscilloscope - up to 200MHz

TBS1000B Series - 2 channels, 50MHz to 200MHz

TBS1000 Series - 4 channels, 60MHz to 150MHz

TDS2000C Series - 2 or 4 channels, 50MHz to 200MHz

TPS2000B Series - power measurement 'scopes

TDS3000C Series - digital phosphor, 100MHz to 500MHz

MSO/DPO2000 Series - mixed signal, 100MHz to 200MHz

MDO3000 Series - mixed domain, 100MHz to 1GHz


 Higher bandwidth oscilloscopes - up to 3.5GHz

TDS3000C Series - digital phosphor, 100MHz to 500MHz

MDO3000 Series - mixed domain, 100MHz to 1GHz

MSO/DPO4000B Series - mixed signal, 350MHz to 1GHz

MDO4000 Series - mixed domain, 3GHz to 6GHz spectrum

MSO/DPO5000 Series - mixed signal, 350MHz to 2GHz

DPO7000 Series - advanced DPX, 500MHz to 3.5GHz


 Bench Products

DMM4000 Series - 5.5 and 6.5 digit bench DMMs

FCA3000 Series - advanced counter/timers

MCA3000 Series - microwave counters

PWS2000 Series - manual control bench power supplies

PWS4000 Series - remote control bench power supplies

PA4000 Series - multi-channel power analyzer


 Arbitrary/function generators

AFG2000 Series - 20MHz, single channel

AFG3000 Series - up to 240MHz, single and dual channel


Quick Links - Oscilloscopes: | TBS1000 | TBS1000B | TDS1000B | TDS2000C | TDS3000C | TPS2000 | DPO2000 | MSO2000 | MDO3000 |
                                              | THS3000| DPO4000B | MSO4000B | MDO4000 | DPO5000 | MSO5000 | DPO7000 | Probes |

Function Generators: | AFG2021 | AFG3000 |   Logic 'Scopes: | MSO2000 | MDO3000 | MSO4000B | MSO5000 | MDO3000 |
  Digital Multimeters: | DMM4000 |   Power Supplies: | PWS2000 | PWS4000 | Counter Timers: | FCA3000/3100 | MCA3000 |
    Power Analyzers: | PA4000 | RF Signal Generator: | TSG4100A | All Tektronix Products: | All Products |

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