Voltech Power Analyser and mains and harmonics analyzer products
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Voltech are leaders in easy to use power, harmonics and flicker analyzers for IEC61000-3-2 and IEC61000-3-3


Voltech power analysers are used by leading companies throughout the world to prove industrial, domestic and office electrical equipment. In addition to general purpose measurements of watts, volts, amps, VA, VAr, PF, COS phi and harmonics, unique special operating modes are used to accurately prove PWM motor drives, power transformers and HF lighting ballasts.

TTi provides full sales & technical support for Voltech products. Our sales engineers will be pleased to discuss your technical requirements or to demonstrate products to you.

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 Single Phase Precision Power Analyser

  • Watts, Volts, Amps, VA, VAr, PF, cos phi, Vrms, Vpeak, Vcf, Arms, A peak, Acf, Frequency
  • THD, voltage, current and power harmonics
  • Accurate up to Crest Factors of 20
  • Direct Connection - no CT errors
  • High accuracy Harmonics Analysis
  • Programmable for watt-hour, ampere-hour and other integrator measurements
  • GPIB, RS232 and USB interfaces


 Advanced Three Phase Power Analyzer

The Voltech PM3000ACE
  • High 0.05% basic accuracy. Wide bandwidth measurements , DC and 0.1Hz to 1 MHz
  • Measures W, V, A, VA, VAR, power factor, Cos, Vpk, Apk, crest factors, frequency and inrush current.
  • Harmonics of V, A, (incl. Phase) and W to the 99th.
  • Integrator for W-hr, VA-hr, A-hr, VA-hr, Average and target PF
  • Crest factors up to 20, Accurate on distorted waveforms and at low power factors
  • All interfaces fitted as standard

 PM100CE and PM300CE

 Single Phase and Three Phase Power Analysers

  • Watts, Volts, Amps, VA, VAr, PF, cos phi, Vrms, Vpeak, Vcf, Arms, A peak, Acf, Frequency
  • THD, voltage, current and power harmonics
  • Programmable for watt-hour, ampere-hour and other integrator measurements
  • Special modes for Inrush Current and low power (including Energy Star) measurements
  • Available with IEEE488 or RS232 communications interfaces installed


Multi-Phase Power Analyser

  • Up to 6 wattmeter channels
  • Voltage up to 2000Vpk and current from a wide range of current transducers including Voltech shunts
  • 0.02% reading and 0.05% range accuracy
  • 10 MHz bandwidth (40 MSPS sampling)
  • CMRR 95dB @ 1MHz


For PM100/300 and 3000A Power Analyzers

PM software

Voltech's power analyser software applications include Windows based software to control the PM3000A power analyzer (VPAS) or the PM100 and PM300 power analyzers (VPAS Lite). Voltech also offers Windows-based software for controlling the IEC61000-3-2 and -3 harmonics and flicker measurement features built into the PM3000ACE. 


For PM Series Power Analysers

PM Accessories

The Voltech PM accessories include a range of current clamps and current transformers that interface directly with every Voltech power analyzer, a Ballast CT unit to simplify the measurement of output power and tube current in high- frequency electronic lighting ballasts, and a solid-state switch to control the turn-on of an AC supply to allow accurate measurement of the inrush current into an AC load.

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