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Astrodyne TDI XBL Gen2

Electronic load with master / slave architecture, water cooled

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The XBL® Liquid Cooled DYNALOAD® Series features 12 kW Master with wide range voltage inputs and sophisticated computer programming via GPIB, Ethernet, or RS232.


  • 16 bit A/D and D/A architecture for superior control and resolution
  • Fast Response Master/Slave Communications via reliable CANbus and Auto-Sync makes mating and load balancing seamless
  • AutoHunt in CP and CR mode, automatically compensates for cable IR drop until power matches the selected value - with no operator involvement
  • High Accuracy Pulse mode for all modes of operation: CC, CV, CP and CR
  • Programmable Slew Rates with high speed and accuracy
  • Intuitive front panel controls with acceleration mode encoder offers quick set point control and ease of use
  • Closed Box Calibration
  • Individual FET protection - isolates power stages
  • OV, OC, OP and OT Fast self protection safeguards the unit for enhanced reliability
  • Ultra-Low compliance voltage (0.3V) even @1200A! (50V models), additional loads can reduce this voltage further
  • Three Full Scale Voltage and Three Full Scale Current Ranges
  • ATE friendly with LabVIEW drivers and SCPI Command Set
  • Front Panel Lockout (remote or local)
  • Master and Slave Functionality enables single rack system size upwards to 120KW.
  • 0 – 10Vdc External Analogue Programmable

Product Variants

Model Price


Electronic load 0-100V, 0-1000A, 0-12kW water cooled master/slave


Electronic load 0-400V, 0-1000A, 0-12kW water cooled master/slave


Electronic load 0-50V, 0-1200A, 0-12KW water cooled master/slave, LV
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