The Fluke PM6690 Frequency Counter, Timer and Analyser
is available from TTid in the UK

  Fluke PM6690 frequency counter, timer and analyser

High resolution and speed

12 digits/sec. frequency measurements, 100 ps single shot
   time-resolution,  0.001° phase resolution

Frequency 300 MHz standard; 3 GHz or 8 GHz input optional

Built-in statistical analysis giving TrendPlot
   and Histogram display

Graphical display gives up to 14 digits resolution

USB and GPIB as standard 

Unbeaten speed and resolution

The PM 6690 offers an unprecedented resolution and speed of 12 digits per second for frequency measurements, and 100 ps single-shot time resolution. Phase measurements come with a resolution up to 0.001º, speeded up by a 'single pass' technique not found in any other counter before. The instrument speed is also seen in the acquisition speed: up to 250 000 measurements per second are taken and stored in internal memory, or 2,000 measurement per second can be made over the bus. The internal memory can hold as many as 750,000 measurement results for further analysis.

Ease of use

The menu-driven instrument control structure reduces the risk of mistakes. The main measurement result is supported by auxiliary parameter readings, which put an end to the need for other instruments like a DMM or an oscilloscope. You can measure the phase relationship between input and output signal of a device, simultaneously reading the test frequency of the signal and the voltage ratio (in dB) between input and output signals.








The graphical presentation of results, like histogram and trend curve, gives a much better understanding of random signal distribution and of system changes over time.

Auto-trigger automatically sets optimum trigger level and hysteresis adapted to the actual signal applied.

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Contact TTi for full specification - which is also included within the PDF data sheet.


Unique graphical presentation mode

The PM 6690 uniquely offers a graphical display to present the measurement results in numerical (up to 14 digits) or graphical format. The display is also used to present the setup information as part of a convenient, menu-driven control system. The display gives the main measurement as well as auxiliary measurement results, so that commonly asked questions like “What is the attenuation and phase shift of this network?” are answered directly, in a single look at the display.







The results of statistical analysis can be presented as numerical data, as a trend graph, or as a histogram, giving an insight in the behavior of the device under test without the help of external processing – quickly and easily .

Excellent computer connectivity

The PM 6690 is equipped with both a GPIB/IEEE-488 and a USB-interface for high-speed communications with your PC. The GPIB-interface allows an easy integration in larger test systems. Alternatively, thanks to the USB interface, no dedicated GPIB-controller and plug-in card are needed to get fast communications with the PC in small test setups.

The optional TimeView-90W PC software package allows for instrument remote control, and the analysis and display of measurement results in a choice of graphs. For example, results can be displayed as raw data, as a statistical histogram, as a waveform graph (as if you were using an oscilloscope) or as an FFT spectrum graph. TimeView allows analysis of modulation parameters like modulation depth or frequency modulation index.

Plug-and-play in systems

The remote programming allows for remote control of each front panel accessible, using either GPIB/IEEE-488 or the USB-bus. Next to its native, standard SCPI-command structure, the PM 6690 offers a 53131A-emulation mode which allows for an easy exchange of instruments in test systems, requiring virtually no reprogramming.


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