Pico Technology PC based digital oscilloscope and data acquisition products
are available in the UK from TTid.


Pico Technology is the leading producer of USB linked PC digital oscilloscope and data acquisition products.


 PicoScope PC Oscilloscopes (PCOs)

 USB (and parallel port) linked.

  • PicoScope 2000 series - 10MHz to 200MHz
  • PicoScope 3000 series - 10MHz to 200MHz
  • Picoscope 4000 series - 12 bit, up to 100MHz
  • PicoScope 5000 series - 250MHz
  • Picoscope 6000 series - 500MHz


 12GHz sampling oscilloscope for PC

 PicoScope 9200 series.



Products engineered specifically for Automotive

           automotive scope diagnostic kit
  • Automotive Diagnostic Kits
  • Automotive Lab 'scopes
  • Automotive accessories


 Data Logger and Data Acquisition Products

 USB, Serial port or Parallel port.

        data acquisition
  • Resolutions from 8 bits to 24 bits
  • Voltage inputs, high speed and general purpose
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • PicoLog Data Acquisition software

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