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California Instruments LS Series

AC Power Source 3 to 18kVA, single or 3-phase, RS232/USB

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EoL NOTICE: The Ls series is going End of Life with a last buy date of the 30th of June 2019 with last shipments at the end of 2019.  The suggested replacement is the California Instruments Asterion series. 

The Ls Series is an improved version of the classic California Instruments L Series AC power sources. It provides many basic AC source capabilities at an economical cost. Additional capabilities such as arbitrary waveform generation and harmonic measurements can be added as options. The Ls Series can be ordered in either single phase (-1) or three phase (-3) configurations. Power levels range from 3 kVA to 6 kVA in a single chassis. Multiple chassis can be combined for power levels up to 18 kVA. The Ls Series is completely microprocessor controlled and can be operated from a simple front panel keypad. A pair of analogue controls located next to the backlit alphanumeric LCD display allows output voltage and frequency to be slewed up or down dynamically. For more advanced operations, a series of menus is provided using a dual line high contrast LCD.

Product Variants

Model Price


AC Power Source 12kVA single phase, 2 chassis


AC Power Source 12kVA 3-phase, 2 chassis


AC Power Source 13.5kVA single phase, 3 chassis


AC Power Source 13.5kVA 3-phase, 3 chassis


AC Power Source 18kVA single phase, 3 chassis


AC Power Source 18kVA 3-phase, 3 chassis


AC Power Source 3kVA single phase


AC Power Source 3kVA 3-phase


AC Power Source 4.5kVA  single phase


AC Power Source 4.5kVA 3-phase


AC Power Source 6kVA  single phase


AC Power Source 6kVA  3-phase


AC Power Source 9kVA  single phase, 2 chassis


AC Power Source 9kVA  3-phase, 2 chassis
Model Description Price
LS/LX option: DO160D-F Software / EUROCAE Test Firmware POA
LS/LX option: 400V L-L input +/-10% POA
LS/LX option: 480V L-L input +/-10% POA
LS/LX option: MIL-STD 704 software option (Revs A through F) POA
LS/LX option: Airbus Test Software POA
LS/LX option: Airbus ABD0100.1.8 test software suite POA
LS/LX option: Emulates Elgar SL Series Function POA
LS/LX option: Advanced Measurements + Arbitrary Waveform Generator POA
LS/LX option: Airbus ABD0100.1.8, AMD 24 and A350 combination test software suite POA
LS/LX option: Airbus AMD24 Test Software POA
LS/LX option: Auxiliary Output 5V / 26V AC POA
LS/LX option: Boeing 787 Test, Rev. C POA
LS/LX option: Transformer 200 / 400V Range POA
LS/LX option: External Sync POA
LS/LX option: Modified Output Frequency Control to 0.25% POA
LS/LX option: GPIB Interface + APE Language POA
LS/LX option: High Frequency 5 kHz output POA
LS/LX option: LX style keypad POA
LS/LX option: Locking knobs, shaft locks POA
LS/LX option: LXI Ethernet Interface (disables RS232) POA


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