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DC Power Supplies

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Magna-Power SL Series DC Power Supplies Magna-Power SL Series
Rack-mount DC power supplies - models from 1.5 to 10 kW
Magna-Power SLx Series Front Panel Magna-Power SLx Series
Rack-mount DC power supplies - models from 1.5 to 10 kW
ITECH IT-N2100 series solar array simulator - front panel ITECH IT-N2100
High Speed Solar Array Simulator with 800 and 1500W models
BK Precision BK9240 Series - front view BK Precision BK9240 Series
Multi-Range DC Power Supply series
Sorensen SFA Series current source Sorensen SFA Series
High Slew Rate Current Source with models from 5 to 30kW
ITECH IT-M3140 Series - front ITECH IT-M3140 Series
Programmable DC Power Supply series with 1850W and 3kW versions
ITECH IT-N6900 Series (IT-N6962) DC Power Supply - front ITECH IT-N6900 Series
Programmable DC power supply series
ITECH IT-M3100D Series dual channel DC power supply - front ITECH IT-M3100D Series
2 channel power supply
BK Precision BK9130C - front BK Precision BK9130C Series
Triple Output DC power supply with 30 or 60V / 3 or 6A outputs
BK Precision BK9201B (9200 Series) DC Power supply -  front BK Precision BK9200B Series
Multi-range programmable DC Power Supply models from 200 to 600W