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  • 10kW in 1U - Magna Power SL Series DC Power Supplies
DC Power Supplies

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Chroma 62017E-600P-3 (62000P Series) DC power supply - front panel Chroma 62000E Series
1U DC Power supply with 1 and 3 channel models from 1.7kW to 5kW
Sorensen Asterion DC ASA front panel Sorensen Asterion DC ASA Series
DC Power supply with up to 3 autoranging output modules
Rohde & Schwarz NGA100 Series linear DC Power Supply - front Rohde and Schwarz NGA100 Series
Linear power supply range with single or dual channel and 40 or 80W models
BK Precision BK9140 triple output DC power supply BK Precision BK9140 Series
Triple output DC Power Supply with 32V or 60V and GPIB options
ITECH IT-M3400 Series bi-directional programmable DC power supply - front ITECH IT-M3400 Series
Bi-directional programmable DC power supply series with 200 to 800W models
ITECH IT-M3200 Series DC Power Supply - front ITECH IT-M3200 Series
High accuracy DC power supply series with 100 to 360W models
ITECH IT-M3600 Series regenerative power system - front ITECH IT-M3600 Series
Regenerative Power System series with 200 to 800W models
Chroma 62000D Series DC power source and sink - front Chroma 62000D Series
Programmable Bidirectional DC Power Supply series with models from 6kW to 18kW
Elgar RFP ReFlex Power modular power supply and load Elgar RFP Series
ReFlex Power Modular AC/DC Power Supply and Load System
BK Precision MR Series (MR100020) front panel BK Precision MR Series
Multi-Range Programmable DC Power Supply with voltage/current options