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  • 31 New Asterion DC models
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DC Power Supplies

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Elgar RFP ReFlex Power modular power supply and load Elgar RFP Series
ReFlex Power Modular AC/DC Power Supply and Load System
BK Precision MR Series (MR100020) front panel BK Precision MR Series
Multi-Range Programmable DC Power Supply with voltage/current options
ITECH IT6000D series power supply -  front panel ITECH IT6000D Series
High power DC Power Supply with models from 5 to 144kW
ITECH IT6400 series bipolar power supply / battery simulator ITECH IT6400 Series
Bipolar DC Power Supply / battery simulator with models from 1.5 to 150W
ITECH IT6500 series DC Power supply - 2U unit front panel ITECH IT6500 Series
Wide Range High Power DC Power Supply with more than 100 variants
ITECH IT6000B series regenerative power system -  3U model - front ITECH IT6000B Series
Regenerative Power System with models from 5 to 144kW
ITECH IT6000C Bidirectional programmable DC Power supply -  3U model - front ITECH IT6000C Series
Bidirectional programmable DC Power supply with models from 5 to 144kW
ITECH IT-M3100 series compact DC supply - front panel ITECH IT-M3100
Compact wide range DC supply with models from 200 to 850W
Rohde and Schwarz NGP800 series 2 and 4 channel versions Rohde and Schwarz NGP800 Series
Programmable Power Supply with 2 and 4 channel variants of 400 or 800W
Rohde and Schwarz NGM202 (NGM200 Series) - front panel Rohde and Schwarz NGM200 Series
High speed precision 2 quadrant DC power supply with single and dual channel versions


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