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BK Precision 4055B function generator (4050B series) - front panel
BK Precision BK4050B series
Dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generator with models from 10 to 60MHz
AIM-TTi TGP3152 (TGP3100 Series) Pulse and Function Generator - front
Aim-TTi TGP3100 Series
Pulse and Universal Generator with 25 or 50MHz models, single or dual channel
Tektronix TSG4106A (TSG4100A Series) vector signal generator - front
Tektronix TSG4100A Series
Vector Signal Generator with modulation and interface option modules, 2 to 6GHz bandwidth
Aim-TTi TG330 Function Generator
Aim-TTi TG300 Series
3MHz Analog Function Generator with LCD readout with/without Counter, Sweep and AM
Aim-TTi TG5011 Function/Arbitrary/Pulse Generator
Aim-TTi TG251xA/501xA Series
High Performance Function/Arbitrary/Pulse Generator 25MHz or 50MHz, 1 or 2 Channels
Aim-TTi TG550 5MHz Advanced Analog Function Generator
Aim-TTi TG550
5MHz Advanced Analog Function Generator, Digital Locking
Aim-TTi TG1006 10MHz DDS Function Generator
Aim-TTi TG1006
10MHz DDS Function Generator with Counter
Aim-TTi TG1010a 10MHz DDS Function Generator
Aim-TTi TG1010A
10MHz DDS Function Generator, digital control with Arbitrary capability
Aim-TTi TG2000 DDS Function Generator
Aim-TTi TG2000 Series
DDS Function Generator, Digital Control 10MHz or 20MHz, with/without USB/RS232 Interfaces
Tektronix AFG1022 (AFG1000 Series) Arbitrary function generator
Tektronix AFG1000 Series
Arbitrary/Function Generator


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