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Aim-TTi TGF4242 Function Generator (TGF4000 Series) - front Aim-TTi TGF4000 Series
Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator with 40 to 240MHz models
Aim-TTi TGF3162 (TGF3000 Series) - front Aim-TTi TGF3000 Series
Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator with 80 and 160MHz models
Rohde and Schwarz HM8000 family modular test systems Rohde and Schwarz HM8000 System
Modular Test System consisting of mainframe and modules
Aim-TTi TG330 Function Generator Aim-TTi TG300 Series
3MHz Analog Function Generator with LCD readout with/without Counter, Sweep and AM
AIM-TTi TGP3152 (TGP3100 Series) Pulse and Function Generator - front Aim-TTi TGP3100 Series
Pulse and Universal Generator with 25 or 50MHz models, single or dual channel
BK Precision 4055B function generator (4050B series) - front panel BK Precision BK4050B series
Dual channel function/arbitrary waveform generator with models from 10 to 60MHz
BK Precision 4047B Function Generator - front BK Precision BK4047B
20 MHz Dual Channel Function / Arbitrary Generator
Aim-TTi TG2000 DDS Function Generator Aim-TTi TG2000 Series
DDS Function Generator, Digital Control 10MHz or 20MHz, with/without USB/RS232 Interfaces
Aim-TTi TG1010a 10MHz DDS Function Generator Aim-TTi TG1010A
10MHz DDS Function Generator, digital control with Arbitrary capability
Aim-TTi TG1006 10MHz DDS Function Generator Aim-TTi TG1006
10MHz DDS Function Generator with Counter


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