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  • ITECH IT7900 four quadrant regenerative grid simulator
AC Power Supplies

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ITECH IT7900 Series ITECH IT7900 Series
Regenerative grid simulator with models from 5 to 165kVA
ITECH IT7800 Series AC/DC power supply - front ITECH IT7800 Series
High power programmable AC/DC power supply with models from 3 to 165kVA, single or 3 phase
B+K Precision 9832B Series AC Source - front BK Precision 9830B Series
AC Power Supply with 2 and 3kVA models
Elgar RFP ReFlex Power modular power supply and load Elgar RFP Series
ReFlex Power Modular AC/DC Power Supply and Load System
ITECH IT7300 series AC power supply - front ITECH IT7300 Series
Programmable AC Power supply with models from 750VA to 4.5kVA
ITECH IT7600 Series AC Power Supply - 3U front panel ITECH IT7600 Series
Programmable AC Power supply with models from 750VA to 54kVA
ITECH IT-M7700 series AC Power Supply - front panel ITECH IT-M7700 Series
Compact AC Power Supply series with power options
B&K Precision 9801 (9800 Series) AC source - front BK Precision 9800 Series
AC Power Source with models from 300VA to 1500VA
California Instruments MX45 AC and DC power source California Instruments MX Series II
High power AC and DC Source 15kVA to 135kVA with multiple options
Chroma 61704 (61700 Series) AC Power Source Chroma 61700 Series
Programmable 3-Phase AC Power Source with models from 1.5 to 12kVA