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A recommended list price is shown for most products.  Where shown, these prices are exclusive of VAT and delivery charges where applicable.

Some products show "POA" (Price on Application) - these tend to be modular, custom or imported products where it becomes impractical to list prices for all the different combinations or where exchange rate fluctuations have an effect. To get a definite quotation of price for one or more items the Quotation system should be used. Please also note that this website is for the UK only - prices are in GB £.


This site does not offer direct on-line purchasing. However it can be used to create an Official Quotation that will be emailed to you.

A Quotation Request is commenced by adding products using the "Add to quotation" button. This creates a Quotation "cart".
Once all of the desired products, option and accessories have been added to the cart, the Request Quotation link at the top of the screen can be used to review and modify the contents of the quote cart.

Pressing the "Request quotation" button progresses to a screen where the contact and shipping addresses can be entered.
Note that logged-in users can select an address directly from their address history file. Customers who are expecting to use the quotation system are advised to log-in first. New customers should create an account using the link at the top of the screen.

Once the contact details are entered, the "Progress to next step" button shows a confirmation page and a further press causes the quotation request to be sent to TTid. The quotation request, along with any past requests, can be seen from the Quotation history tab of the My Account page.

Once the request is received by ourselves, an official quotation email will be generated that includes taxes, shipping costs, and any applicable discounts.  Order lead time will also be quoted.

This email may be sent directly by TTid or by Aim-TTi distributors for Aim-TTi products, depending upon the country from which the request is made.

We aim to send a response within one working day of the quotation request being made, but the final official quotation may take longer - particularly for custom or modular systems.