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Electronic Loads

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BK Precision BK8500B Electronic Load BK Precision BK8500B Series
Electronic DC Load
Amrel PLW water cooled electronic load 12kW Amrel eLoad PLW Series
Electronic Load - water cooled models, 6 to 36kW
Amrel PLA2K-120-400 PLA Series eLoad Electronic load Amrel eLoad PLA Series
Electronic Load models from 800W to 7.5kW
California Instruments 3091LD AC load California Instruments LD Series
AC load master and auxiliary units
Aim-TTi LDH400P DC Electronic Load Aim-TTi LDH400 Series
Electronic DC Load, 500V, 16A, 400W
Chroma 63004 (63000 series) electronic load - front panel Chroma 63000 Series
Programmable Electronic DC Load with 250 and 350W variants
Sorensen SLD series dual channel electronic load module in SLM-1 single bay mainframe chassis Sorensen SLD Series
Electronic Load - dual input DC modules from 50W to 100W
Chroma 63500 Series DC Load 5 channel main-frame with modules Chroma 63600 Series
Modular DC Load with 2 or 5 module frames
Sorensen SLH series electronic load Sorensen SLH Series
Electronic Load - rack mounted programmable DC with models from 600 to 1800W, includes GPIB/RS-232
Chroma 63803 (63800 Series) AC/DC Electronic load Chroma 63800 Series
Programmable AC/DC Electronic Load with models from 1.8 to 4.5kW


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