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Chroma 11210

Battery Cell Insulation Tester

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The Chroma 11210 battery cell insulation tester is an instrument used for accurately measuring leakage current (LC) and insulation resistance (IR) of battery jelly-roll/dry-cell as well as other insulation materials. In addition to standard LC/IR measurement, the 11210 has a unique function that detects partial discharge (PD) or flashover that may have occurred inside the insulation material during the high voltage insulation testing process. With PD detection of the battery’s internal status before electrolyte filling, defective products can be filtered out before entering the next stage of production preventing the potential hazards that may occur in the field.

  • Test voltage : up to 1KV (DC)
  • Charge current : 50mA max.
  • Wide range of Leakage Current (LC) measurement (10pA ~ 20mA)
  • Partial discharge/flashover detection for inspection on potential internal short circuits (A112100):
    • PD level and number of occurrence display
    • PD events and V/I waveform monitor
    • Programmable PD level limit setting
    • PD and V/I waveform logging (A112101)
  • Built-in reliable contact check
  • Automated test sequence: charge-dwell-measure-discharge
  • High speed testing (20ms/device)
  • 480×272 pixel full-colour display and touch panel for easy operations
  • Standard Handler, USB, RS-232, Ethernet interfaces

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Battery Cell Insulation Tester
Model Description Price
Partial Discharge detection card for 11210 POA
Partial Discharge Analyzer card for 11210 POA
PD Test Checking Kit for 11210 POA
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