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Chroma 19311 Series

Battery cell surge tester with single and multi-channel models

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The Chroma 19311 series battery cell surge tester is designed for testing the insulation quality between the positive and negative plates of lead-acid battery cells.  This is done by applying a high voltage surge/impulse before the electrolyte injection. Its output voltage can reach up to 6kV. It also has four terminal measurement and 200MHz sampling rate.  The Chroma 19311 series has single channel (19311) and multi-channel (19311-10) versions. 

Testing a lead-acid battery cell with a high voltage surge before the electrolyte injection checks the insulation distance and the insulation quality between the positive an negative plates, determines the separator between the positive and negative plates and identifies whether the plates are shorted.  The test can decrease the production defect rate and increase the insulation quality of lead-acid battery cells.

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Battery cell surge tester single channel


Battery cell surge tester multi-channel
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16-channel 4-wire HV External Scanning Box for 19311