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The ITS5300 battery charge and discharge test system is designed for the performance testing of a variety of energy storage technologies (lead acid, nickel hydrogen, lithium Ion, super capacitors, hydrogen fuel cells, etc.). It can test a hundred or more battery packs or 200 cells in the battery packs at one time, greatly improving testing efficiency and production line capacity. The system is configured using ITECH power supplies and electronic loads with an internal resistance tester, temperature acquisition and other products.  These are under the control of professional battery test software providing a high degree of automation and stability.

  • Balance charging and discharging capacity, designed for battery module / cell test.
  • Charge mode: CC / CV / pulse charge
  • Discharge mode: CC / CR / CP / pulse discharge
  • Voltage range: 0 - 1000V
  • Current range: 0 - 1200A
  • Power range: 0 - 600 kW
  • Fast response and high-speed sampling rate, sampling rate and data storage time down to 1ms.
  • High reliability and high precision guarantee high measurement accuracy within the broad voltage/current range, making the test system more efficient in use:
    • Voltage: 0.05% +30 mV
    • Current: 0.2% +120 mA
  • Standard modular design not only makes it easy for future hardware expansion and follow-up maintenance but also expands its applications.
  • Real-time online monitoring on single module resistance, voltage and temperature.
  • AC internal resistance analysis of cells and battery packs
  • DC internal resistance analysis. Measured temperature depends on the type of thermocouple selected
  • Complete alarm and protection against overcharge, over-discharge and other unexpected faults.

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ITECH ITS5300 Battery Charge and Discharge Test System