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The 3091LD is designed to provide precisely controlled, non-linear loads for testing AC power generation equipment such as UPSs and AC sources. In addition, any active or passive current carrying devices such as switches, circuit breakers, fuses, connectors and power semiconductors can be tested. Traditionally, many of these products are tested using resistive load banks. This approach does not simulate real-world conditions such as switching DC/AC converters found in many AC powered products. This type of conventional testing does not fully exercise the equipment under test (EUT) under worst case operating conditions. High peak currents and low power factor loads can significantly impact the operating characteristics of a UPS or AC power product. The 3091LD AC Load can simulate high crest factor and variable power factor load conditions.

  • Multi-mode AC Electronic Load Flexible solution for a wide range of AC power test applications
  • 3000 Watt Power Dissipation Master / Auxiliary configurations for higher power and multi phase applications
  • 50 to 350 V, 45 Hz to 440 Hz Commercial, Military and Avionics applications
  • Programmable Crest & Power Factor Test AC power products for real-world conditions
  • Built-in Measurements Eliminates the need for additional test equipment in bench or ATE applications
  • Remote Control IEEE-488 and RS232C Interface for automated test applications

Product Variants

Model Price


AC load 3000 Watt AC Load, Auxiliary Unit, Rack Mount Model (Includes I/C cable)


AC load 3000 Watt AC Load, Rack Mount Model (with GPIB, RS232)
Model Description Price
LD option: 100V L-N AC Input Version (Japan) POA
LD option: 230V L-N AC Input Version POA
LD option: Bench Top Model (No ears and handles) POA
LD option: Master / Auxiliary Cable Kit, required for 3091LD conversion to Aux unit POA
LD option: Rack Mount Slides POA
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