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Chroma 63800 Series

Programmable AC/DC Electronic Load with models from 1.8 to 4.5kW

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The Chroma 63800 Electronic Loads can simulate a variety of load conditions under high crest factor and varying power factors with real time compensation even when the voltage waveform is distorted. This unique feature provides real world simulation capabilities and prevents overstressing the instrument resulting in reliable and unbiased test results.

  • Power Rating : 1800W, 3600W, 4500W
  • Voltage Range : 50V ~ 350Vrms
  • Current Range : Up to 18Arms, 36Arms, 45Arms
  • Peak Current : Up to 54A, 108A, 135A
  • Parallel / 3-Phase Function
  • Frequency Range : 45 ~ 440Hz, DC
  • Crest Factor Range : 1.414 ~ 5.0
  • Power Factor Range : 0 ~ 1 lead or lag (Rectified mode)
  • CC, CR, CV, CP for DC Loading
  • Constant & Rectified Load Modes for AC Loading
  • Analogue Voltage & Current Monitor
  • Timing Measurement for Battery, UPS, Fuse and Breaker tests
  • Measurement : V, I, PF, CF, P, Q, S, F, R, Ip+/- and THDv
  • Short circuit simulation
  • Full Protection : OC, OP, OT protection and OV alarm

Product Variants

Model Price


Programmable AC/DC Electronic Load 1.8kW/350Vrms/18Arms


Programmable AC/DC Electronic Load 3.6kW/350Vrms/36Arms


Programmable AC/DC Electronic Load 4.5kW/350Vrms/45Arms
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Series Model Price
Rack Mounting Kit for 63802
Rack Mounting Kit for 63803/63804