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BK Precision BK894 and 895

Precision LCR meter with 500kHz and 1MHz models

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  • AC test signal voltage adjustable up to 2 Vrms
  • 3 AC current ranges, selectable via 30 Ω, 50 Ω or 100 Ω internal AC impedance. The 30 Ω setting provides up to 66.7 mA rms of drive current, sufficient for larger inductors and transformers
  • Built-in DC bias source adjustable from -5V to +5V / -50 mA to +50 mA
  • Fast measurement speed up to 13 ms/reading to increase manufacturing throughput
  • Adjustable measurement speed for fast readout or better accuracy
  • 201-point programmable list sweep function providing ability to sweep frequency, AC and DC bias voltage/current levels
  • Auto-level control to maintain the measurement signal applied to the DUT at a constant level
  • Test signal voltage and current monitoring BIN comparator function to sort components in up to 10 bin locations
  • Handler interface for easy integration with a component handler
  • 1 m and 2 m cable compensation
  • 4-terminal fixture and Kelvin clip test leads included
  • Transformer test function with optional transformer test fixture TL89T1
  • Versatile trigger functionality (internal, external, bus and manual)
  • Standard USB, LAN, and GPIB (895 only) interface for remote control using SCPI commands

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Precision LCR meter 500kHz


Precision LCR meter 1MHz
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SMD test fixture for LCR meters