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Legacy Products

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Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HMO2024 HMO compact series oscilloscope
Rohde and Schwarz HMO Compact Series
DISCONTINUED - Mixed Signal Oscilloscope models from 70 to 200MHz, 2 or 4 channels
Fluke 1735 3 phase power logger
Fluke 1735
DISCONTINUED: 3 Phase Power Logger
BK Precision 9130 triple output DC power supply - front
BK Precision BK9130
DISCONTINUED: Triple output programmable DC power supply
Tektronix TDS3054C (TDS3000 Series) Oscilloscope - front
Tektronix TDS3000C Series
DISCONTINUED: Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes 100 to 500MHz, 1.25 to 5GS/s, 2 or 4 Channel
Fluke 1630 Earth/Ground clamp meter
Fluke 1630
DISCONTINUED: Earth Ground Clamp Meter
Fluke 1750 3 phase power quality recorder
Fluke 1750
DISCONTINUED: 3 Phase Power Quality Recorder
Chroma 6404 (6400 Series) AC Power Source
Chroma 6400 Series
DISCONTINUED: Programmable AC Source with models from 1.5kVA to 9kVA
Chroma 6500 Series AC Power Source
Chroma 6500 Series
DISCONTINUED: Programmable AC Source with models from 1.2kVA to 9kVA
Aim-TTi 1705 multimeter
Aim-TTi 1705 Series
Discontinued: 4.25 digit Dual Measurement LCD Bench Multimeter RS232 and optional GPIB interface
BK Precision 9180 Series DC Power Supply - front
BK Precision BK9180 Series
DISCONTINUED: Dual range DC Power Supply models from 144W to 210W


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