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Legacy Products

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Aim-TTi TG1006 10MHz DDS Function Generator Aim-TTi TG1006
DISCONTINUED: 10MHz DDS Function Generator with Counter
Aim-TTi TG330 Function Generator Aim-TTi TG300 Series
DISCONTINUED - 3MHz Analog Function Generator with LCD readout with/without Counter, Sweep and AM
Example ITECH IT8700 series DC multi-channel load configuration - front ITECH IT8700 Series
DISCONTINUED: Multi-channel DC Load
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HM8118 Programmable LCR bridge meter - front Rohde and Schwarz HM8118
Rohde & Schwarz RTE1104 (RTE1000 Series) oscilloscope Rohde and Schwarz RTE1000 Series
Oscilloscope series with 2 and 4 channel variants, bandwidth from 200MHz to 2GHz and MSO option
MSO Option for Rohde & Schwarz RTE Series Rohde and Schwarz RTE Series Options
Production Options for RTE1000 Series scopes
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HM8123 Frequency Counter - front Rohde and Schwarz HM8123
DISCONTINUED - 3GHz Frequency Counter with TCXO or OCXO
Rohde & Schwarz (HAMEG) HMC8012 digital multimeter - front Rohde and Schwarz HMC8012
DISCONTINUED - Digital Multimeter, 5.75 digit with or without GPIB
Rohde and Schwarz HMC8043G (HMC804X series) DC power supply (front panel) Rohde and Schwarz HMC804X Series
DISCONTINUED - DC Power Supply 100W with 1, 2, or 3 channels
Yokogawa DLM4058 (DLM4000 Series) 8 channel oscilloscope - front Yokogawa DLM4000 Series
DISCONTINUED: 8 channel mixed signal oscilloscope with 350 and 500MHz models