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Legacy Products

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Pico DrDAQ data logger Pico Technology DrDAQ USB Data Logger
DISCONTINUED: DrDAQ USB Data Logger with or without probe/sensor kits
Pico Technology PicoScope 6407 Digitizer Pico Technology PicoScope 6407
DISCONTINUED: PicoScope 6407 high-speed digitizer
Fluke 345 power quality clamp meter Fluke 345
DISCONTINUED: Power Quality clamp meter
BK Precision MDL Series Modular DC electronic load BK Precision MDL Series
DISCONTINUED - Modular DC electronic load with load modules from 200W to 600W
BK Precision BK9104 DC Power supply - front BK Precision BK9103/9104
DISCONTINUED - Multi-range DC power supplies 0-42V/0-20A or 0-84V/0-10A, 320W
B&K Precision 2542C (2540C series) oscilloscope - front BK Precision 2540C Series
DISCONTINUED: 2 Channel DSO/MSO with bandwidths from 70 to 200MHz
Aim-TTi 1604 4.75 digit Bench Multimeter Aim-TTi 1604
DISCONTINUED: 4.75 digit Bench Multimeter
Aim-TTi TGR1040 1GHz RF Signal Generator Aim-TTi TGR1040
DISCONTINUED: 1GHz RF Signal Generator, RS232
Aim-TTi TGR2050 2GHz RF Signal Generator Aim-TTi TGR2050
DISCONTINUED: 2GHz RF Signal Generator, RS232 & GPIB
Aim-TTi TGA12101 True Arbitrary Waveform Generator Aim-TTi TGA12100 Series
DISCONTINUED - True Arbitrary Waveform Generators, 100MS/s with one, two or four channels