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FLIR Systems

FLIR Systems is the world's largest commercial company specializing in the design and production of thermal imaging cameras, components and imaging sensors.

FLIR Logo Accessories
Accessories for FLIR products
FLIR T198534 - Micro USB Power Supply Ex Series Accessories
Accessories for FLIR Ex Series Thermal imagers
FLIR T911630ACC - Power Supply -  15 W/3 A Exx Series Accessories
Accessories for Exx Series Thermal Imagers
FLIR logo Product Options
Options for FLIR products
FLIR A500 -  A700 EST thermal screening camera A500/A700 Series
Thermal screening camera with resolution and lens options
FLIR C5 pocket thermal imager C Series
Pocket Thermal Imager
FLIR ETS320 Thermal Imaging Solution for Electronics Testing ETS320
Thermal Imaging Camera for electronic testing
FLIR E5 (Ex Series) Thermal Imager Ex Series
Thermal Imager series with mixed spectrum and resolution options
FLIR E40 Exx Series
Thermal Imager series with lens and resolution options
FLIR ONE Pro thermal imager for iOS or Android ONE Pro
Mobile Thermal Imager with iOS and Android versions
FLIR T1K series camera T1K Series
HD thermal imaging camera with interchangeable lenses
FLIR T560 Thermal Imager (T5xx Series) T5xx Series
Professional Thermal Imaging camera range with resolution and lens options
FLIR T840-Thermal Imager T840 Series
High performance thermal camera with lens options
FLIR T860 thermal imager T860 Series
High performance thermal camera with lens options
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