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Introducing the New ASPS Series

Elgar Advanced Solar Power Simulator (ASPS)

Elgar Advanced Solar Power Simulator (ASPS)

AMETEK Programmable Power is pleased to unveil the new Elgar Advanced Solar Power Simulator (ASPS). The ASPS Series features either two independent, isolated 600W channels or a single 1200W channel. Industry leading 2μs shunt switching recovery time provides the best power transfer for fast PWM shunt switching satellite PCDUs.

Advanced Features:

  • 2 independent, isolated 600W channels or 1 1200W channel in 1U
  • 2μs shunt switching recovery
  • Peak Power Tracking
  • Primary and secondary over voltage and over current
  • Output electronic circuit breaker
  • Built in fault data recorder
  • Power On Self-Test
  • Active power factor correction (PFC)
  • Colour touch panel monitoring
  • Standard LAN interface
  • Full remote control via AMETEK SAS software or SCPI commands

The ASPS is a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controlled solar panel array simulator and can be operated using SCPI commands via the Ethernet control interface or using the AMETEK SAS software. The channels can be monitored from the intuitive, easy-to-use, front panel touchscreen. The touchscreen of the PV array simulator includes a Monitor Mode, Output Programming Parameters, Output relay monitoring, Fault messaging, Configuration, and System Settings. The Monitor Mode provides readback voltage, current, and relay state. It also shows the state of the channel by changing the background colour of the tile; grey for idle state, green for conducting state, blue for shunted state and red for fault state.


  • Works with S3R, S4R, Direct connection, and Peak Power Trackers
  • Eclipse Simulation: Store up to 32 IV curves and up to 32 segments
  • Safety: Primary and secondary SAS overvoltage/overcurrent protection
  • Extremely fast (10μs) electronic circuit breaker (ECB) for SAS OV or OC protections

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Posted Monday 29th of April 2024