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New Chroma Regenerative AC load series with models from 9 to 15kVA



Chroma 63800R Series offers AC electronic loads with regenerative capability, featuring three models with power ratings of 9kVA, 12kVA, and 15kVA. This series boasts a high power density design, providing a maximum load capacity of 15kVA within a compact 3U chassis. To accommodate higher power rating test requirements, you can parallel multiple units for increased load capacity while utilizing master-slave control.
The Chroma 63800R Series presents a highly efficient energy-saving solution with its regenerative feature, making it ideal for a broad spectrum of renewable energy applications, including ESS, hybrid PV inverters, AC EVSE, and bidirectional on-board chargers (BOBC) for V2L and V2H applications.
In addition to basic functions such as CC, CP, and CR, the Chroma 63800R Series offers advanced operating modes like Rectified and phase Lead/Lag mode. It can also simulate SCR and TRIAC component characteristics with its unique half-cycle load function. The 63800R Series features a 5" LCD display with an intuitive user interface for seamless operation. Connectivity options include USB, LAN, and optional GPIB or CAN interfaces for swift remote and digital control via a PC using Chroma's SoftPanel software. Additionally, Chroma provides instrument drivers for LabVIEW-integrated system control.
  • Rated power: 9kVA, 12kVA, 15kVA
  • Rated current: 87Arms, 96Arms, 105Arms
  • Voltage range: 30Vrms~350Vrms
  • Frequency range: 30Hz~100Hz
  • Crest factor range: 1.414~3.000
  • Power factor range: 0.100~1.000 (lead/lag)
  • 3U height with up to 15kVA high power density
  • Intuitive Touch Panel Interface
  • High precision, equivalent to linear load levels
  • Selectable single-phase and three-phase load mode
  • Accept reverse rated apparent power with 89% efficiency regenerative conversion to grid
  • Rectified load mode
  • Leading/lagging current load mode
  • Current source mode
  • Stand-By fast response functionality
  • Inductive/capacitive load simulation function
  • Positive/negative half-cycle load function
  • Configurable start/end loading current phase angles
  • Configurable current load upper limit
  • Universal AC Input Range
  • Parallelable (by three-phase mode) for higher power output
  • Standard remote interfaces: USB, LAN
  • Optional remote interfaces: GPIB, CAN
  • Suitable for EVSE, Off-Grid PV inverter, and UPS product test applications

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Posted Wednesday 29th of November 2023