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NGP800 DC power supplies

Rohde and Schwarz announce the NGP800 series programmable DC power supplies

The NGP800 series consists of 5 models, all using the same 2U chassis (rack kit available).  All have 200W output power per channel, but the channels can be either 64V/10A or 32v/20A - these values represent the maximum voltage OR current within a flexible 200W power envelope which R&S are referring to as FlexPower.  There are two models that have two channels and 400W total power output.  The NGP802 has 2 x 32V/20A channels and the NGP822 has two of the 64V/10A channels.  There are three models that have four channels: The NGP804 has all 32V/20A channels, the NGP824 has all 64V/10A channels and the NGP814 has two of each.  Each channel is independent and floating so it is possible to connect all the outputs in series to give up to 250V (NGP824) or in parallel to give up to 80A (NGP804).

The NGP800 series fits in R&S's "Performance" category of DC power supplies, effectively providing up to four independent power supplies in a single instrument with intuitive colour touchscreen control. Functionality includes a ramp function, output delay, arbitrary function, remote sense, built-in measurements (min, max and average for volts, current and power, plus an energy readout), data logging, user calibration, protection functions, safety limits, digital remote control (USB and LAN as standard, GPIB and WLAN as options), and digital trigger and analogue input options. 

Find out more on the product page linked to below where the datasheet and graphics are available:

Posted Monday 24th of February 2020

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