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R&S announce the NGM200 Series


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Rohde and Schwarz NGM200 series

Another two-quadrant power supply series from Rohde & Schwarz

Following only a few months behind the NGL200 series, the new NGM200 is based on the same platform and shares most of the same feature set and performance parameters, but brings a few new important features:

High speed data acquisition
Both the NGL and NGM feature data logging, but the NGM takes it considerably further with the FastLog feature which offers voltage and current logging at up to 500ksamples/s. This is available on both channels of the two channel version and can be to an external USB storage device or it can be transferred to an external PC by USB or LAN.

Higher Accuracy
Whereas the NGL metering uses no gain ranging, the NGM uses two voltage ranges and four current ranges, giving improved metering accuracy and resolution

Digital Voltmeter functionality option
The NGM series provides terminals on the back which, in conjunction with the NGM-K104 option, allows you to connect the built in voltmeter to any other point in the circuitry under test.

Battery Simulation option
The NGM-K106 option enables the NGM series to emulate common battery types such as Lead-Acid, LiIon, NiCd and NiMH.  To define a battery model, custom battery data can be entered using the battery model editor. Because the NGM can be both a source and a sink, the battery charging can also be simulated.

To find out more, visit the product page linked to below where the datasheet and videos are available.


Posted Tuesday 20th of August 2019

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