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Pico Technology 6000E Series

Real Time Oscilloscope with 4 and 8 channel models and FlexRes options

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The PicoScope 6000E Series fixed-resolution and FlexRes oscilloscopes provide 8 to 12 bits of vertical resolution, with 500 MHz bandwidth and 5 GS/s sampling rate. Four or eight analogue channels have the timing and amplitude resolution required to reveal signal integrity issues such as glitches, runts, dropouts, noise, distortion and ringing.

These oscilloscopes are ideal for design engineers working with high-performance embedded systems, signal processing, power electronics, mechatronics and automotive designs, and for researchers and scientists working on multi-channel high-performance experiments in physics labs, particle accelerators and similar facilities.

  • Deep-memory, high-performance oscilloscopes and MSOs
  • Performance and functionality for debugging embedded systems
  • 8-bit to 12-bit FlexRes® ADC
  • 4 or 8 analogue channels
  • 8 or 16 digital channels (optional)
  • 300 or 500 MHz bandwidth
  • Dual 5 GS/s ADCs
  • 4 GS capture memory (up to 2 GS per trace)
  • 50 MHz 200 MS/s 14-bit AWG
  • USB 3.0 interface
  • ±10 mV to ±20 V full-scale input ranges
  • 300 000 waveforms per second update rate
  • Free PicoScope 6 and PicoSDK software
  • Serial decoding and mask limit testing
  • High-resolution time-stamping of waveforms
  • Over ten million DeepMeasure™ results per acquisition
  • Advanced triggers: pulse width, runt pulse, windowed, logic and dropout


Product Variants

Model Price

PicoScope 6403E

Real Time Oscilloscope 300 MHz, 4 channel, 8 bit

PicoScope 6404E

Real Time Oscilloscope 500 MHz, 4 channel, 8 bit

PicoScope 6424E

Real Time Oscilloscope 500 MHz, 4 channel, FlexRes

PicoScope 6804E

Real Time Oscilloscope 500 MHz, 8 channel, 8-bit

PicoScope 6824E

Real Time Oscilloscope 500 MHz, 8 channel, FlexRes
No options were found. Sometimes this is because the options list is too extensive and complex to list. Please refer to the data sheet and contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.
Series Model Price
PicoScope 6000E MSO pod
PicoScope 6000E Series MSO pod
PS016 Power supply for PS6000E
Power supply for PicoScope 6000E, 12 V, worldwide approvals
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