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Fluke Norma 5000

Power Analyzer 3, 4 or 6 phase models with a variety of options

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The Fluke Norma 5000 power analyzer is the ideal test and analysis tool for the development of frequency converters and lighting equipment. Features include: 1 to 6 power phases, optional internal printer, 5.7” / 144 mm colour display, harmonic analysis, scope mode, vector diagram display, recorder function, Fluke NormaView PC software and expandable 4 MB RAM data memory.

Product Variants

Model Price

Fluke-N5K 3PP 50IR

Power Analyzer 3PH w/50/IFC2/PRNTR

Fluke N5K 3PP50

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/50

Fluke N5K 3PP50I

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/50/IFC2

Fluke N5K 3PP50IP

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/50/IFC2 & PI1

Fluke N5K 3PP54

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/54

Fluke N5K 3PP54I

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/54/IFC2

Fluke N5K 3PP54IP

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/54/IFC2 & PI1

Fluke N5K 3PP54IR

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/54/IFC2/printer

Fluke N5K 3PP54R

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/54/printer

Fluke N5K 3PP64

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/64

Fluke N5K 3PP64I

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/64/IFC2

Fluke N5K 3PP64IP

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/64/IFC2 & PI1

Fluke N5K 3PP64IPR

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/64/IFC2 & PI1/printer

Fluke N5K 3PP64IR

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/64/IFC2/printer

Fluke N5K 3PP64R

Power Analyzer 3 PH w/64/printer

Fluke N5K 4PP54

Power Analyzer 4 PH w/54

Fluke N5K 4PP54IP

Power Analyzer 4 PH w/54/IFC2 & PI1

Fluke N5K 6PP42IB

Power Analyzer 6 PH w/42BP/IFC2

Fluke N5K 6PP42IBR

Power Analyzer 6 PH W/42BP/IFC2/printer

Fluke N5K 6PP50I

Power Analyzer 6 PH w/50/IFC2


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Series Model Price
N5K 19 inch rack mount kit with handles
Norma 100A shunt
100 A Shunt with Cables (0.001 Ohm, 0 to 0.5 MHz)
Norma 10A shunt
Triaxial Shunt
Norma 150A shunt
150 A Shunt with Cables (0.5 mOhm, 0 to 0.5 MHz)
Norma 300A shunt
300 A Shunt with Cables (0.1 mOhm, 0 to 1 MHz)
Norma 32A cables
Cables for 32A planar shunt
Norma 32A shunt
32A planar shunt
Norma 500A shunt
500 A Shunt with Cables (0.1 mOhm, 0 to 0.2 MHz)
Norma Lg shunt cable
LG Shunt Cables for High Current Shunts
Norma wye adapter
External accessory box
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