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BK Precision BK2840 Series

DC Resistance Meter with optional temperature compensation

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The 2840 Series DC resistance meters feature high accuracy and resolution measurements in the milliohm range and are suited for measuring contact resistance of relays, switches, and PCB traces, typically outside the resistance range of multimeters.

  • 4.3-inch colour touch screen
  • 4-wire Kelvin test leads included
  • Temperature measurement with correction (model 2841 only)
  • Low power resistance mode to protect DUT
  • Manual or auto ranging
  • Adjustable measurement speed for fast readout or better accuracy
  • Measurement speed up to 20 ms/reading to increase manufacturing throughput
  • Offset voltage compensation (OVC) (model 2841 only)
  • Cable compensation (0 ADJ)
  • BIN comparator function to sort components in up to 10 bin locations (model 2841 only)
  • Bin-sorting with statistical measurement
  • Store/recall 30 instrument settings
  • Screen capture to USB drive
  • Selectable power line filter
  • Trigger delay
  • Handler interface for easy integration with a component handler
  • Standard RS232, USB (USBTMC and virtual COM), and LAN (model 2841 only) interfaces

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DC Resistance Meter


DC Resistance Meter with temperature compensation and LAN interface
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