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  • For use with ITECH DC power supplies to simulate solar arrays
  • Solar array simulation of I-V function (Built-in I-V curve mathematical formula)
  • Simulates the output characteristics of various solar cells (monocrystalline, polysilicon, thin film) including Fill Factor
  • Simulate I-V curve under different temperature and irradiation
  • Simulate I-V curve for solar panel under shadow
  • Static & dynamic MPPT efficiency test
  • Built-in EN50530 / Sandia / NB/T32004 / CGC/GF004 / CGC/GF035 test programs and report generation
  • Graphical software interface, real-time test and display of MPPT state of PV inverter
  • Auto program control 100 I-V curves via Voc, Isc, FF, Pm and other parameter points
  • 100 * 128 points curves and 4096 points precise programming control
  • Support output impedance setting function
  • Support various mode edge independent set, adjustable rising and falling time
  • Two-way current seamless switching, suitable for fast cell charge and discharge
  • Built-in DIN 40839 & ISO-16750-2
  • Standard USB/RS232/GPIB/LAN (LXI compliant) interface
  • Support up to 20 solar cell power supplies for multi-channel MPPT testing 

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Solar Array Simulation Software


Solar Array Simulation Software for systems ≤15kW


Solar Array Simulation Software for IT6500C/IT6000B/IT6000C (multi-channel, ≤ 20 channels)
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