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Chroma 13350

Automatic Transformer Test (13350D+13350M-200K)

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The Chroma 13350 is a specialist test system for wound components with a comprehensive range of parameters. It can satisfy the requirements for production line automation test, quality inspection and R&D tests.

Since connecting the scan unit to the measurement system with long wires will introduce measurement errors, the Chroma 13350 splits the display unit (13350D) from the measurement unit (12250M-200K) to allow the direct attachment of the  measurement unit to the scan unit.  This allows flexible placement of the controls and display while removing the errors associated with long wires.  Moreover, the scan box has additional standalone measurement functionality so that it can perform pass/fail verification tests directly without the need for the test operator to use the display unit.

  • Test frequency 20Hz ~ 200kHz
  • Turn Ratio, Phase, L, Q, Lk, ACR, DCR, Cp,Pin short, Balance
  • Basic accuracy : 0.1%
  • Three different output impedance modes
  • Uses separate scan unit/box options:
    • 20ch scan test unit
    • 80ch scan box
    • Current Transformer test fixture

Product Variants

Model Price


Automatic Transformer Test (13350D+13350M-200K)
Model Description Price
GPIB Interface POA
LAN & USB-H Interface POA
Conversion (Fibreglass) board (for connecting A133502 to A132501) POA
Series Model Price
20CH Scan Unit
80CH Scan Unit
Current Transformer Test Unit
Connection Adapter Unit
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