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California Instruments CSW Series

AC and DC Power Source / Analyzer models from 5.5 to 33kVA, 3 phase

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By combining a flexible AC/DC power source with a high performance power analyzer, the Compact CSW Series is capable of handling complex applications that have traditionally required multiple systems.

  • Combination AC and DC Power Source
  • 16-5,000Hz Output Frequencies
  • Arbitrary and Harmonic Waveform Generation
  • Built-In Digital Power Analyzer
  • Scope Capture Capability
  • Power Programming Software
  • Constant Power Mode
  • Multi-Box Option

Product Variants

Model Price


AC and DC Power Source / Analyzer 11.1kVA, 2 chassis


AC and DC Power Source / Analyzer 16.65kVA, 3 chassis


AC and DC Power Source / Analyzer 22.2kVA, 4 chassis


AC and DC Power Source / Analyzer 27.75kVA, 5 chassis


AC and DC Power Source / Analyzer 33.3kVA, 6 chassis


AC and DC Power Source / Analyzer 5.55kVA, single chassis
Model Description Price
CSW option: DO160 D, E, F, G Software POA
CSW option: IEC61000-4-11 Test Firmware POA
CSW option: IEC61000-4-13 Interharmonics Generator POA
CSW option: MIL-STD 704 Rev A through F Test Software / D&E Firmware POA
CSW option: Airbus A350 Test Software POA
CSW option: Airbus ABD0100.1.8 test software suite POA
CSW option: Boeing 787 Test, Rev. C POA
CSW option: Extra Low Frequency POA
CSW option: Modifies Output Frequency Control to 0.25% POA
CSW option: High Frequency POA
CSW option: LXI Ethernet Interface (disables RS232) POA
CSW option: Limits Output Frequency to 500Hz max. POA
CSW option: Clock / Lock Master POA
CSW option: Clock / Lock Auxiliary POA
CSW option: Multi-box controller; adds additional CSW controller POA
CSW option: Rack Mount Slide (pair) POA
CSW option: Watt Hour Meter firmware POA
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