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Fluke Current clamps

AC and DC Current clamps for Fluke equipment

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Fluke manufacture a range of current measurement clamps designed for use with multimeters, oscilloscopes, recorders, safety testers, etc. using a range of different connectors. The range includes probes of different types for AC only or AC and DC measurements.  There are different models tailored to different measurement scenarios from small low power circuits to up to 6000 amps. 

We have attempted to show compatible clamps for Fluke products in the product pages in the "Accessories" tab and that is a good starting place to find appropriate accessories for your Fluke device.  You should, however, confirm the compatibility of a particular accessory using the Fluke Accessory Compatibility Guide .

Product Variants

Model Price


AC/DC Current Clamp (100 A)


AC Current Clamp (1000 A)


AC/DC Current Clamp (1000 A)

i1010 Kit

AC/DC Current Clamp (1000 A) with Soft Case


AC Current Clamp (200 A)

i2000 flex

AC Flexible Current Clamp (2000 A)


AC Current Clamp (200 A)

Fluke i2500-10

45cm (18 inch)

Fluke i2500-18

25cm (10 inch)


AC/DC Current Clamp (30A)

i3000 flex-4PK

AC Flexible Current Clamp (3000 A), 4-pack


AC Current Clamp (3000 A)

i3000s flex-24

AC Flexible Current Clamp (3000 A), 610 mm

i3000s flex-36

AC Flexible Current Clamp (3000 A), 915 mm


AC/DC Current Clamp (30A)


AC/DC Current Clamp (300A)


AC Current Clamp (400 A)


AC Current Clamp (400A)


40A Current Clamp (1750)


AC/DC Current Clamp (400 A)


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