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BK Precision BK9140 Series

Triple output DC Power Supply with 32V or 60V and GPIB options

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Three independent galvanically isolated, floating output channels providing up to 100 W per channel or 300 W total when combined in series or parallel to increase voltage or current up to 180 V or 24 A (depending on model). The user interface incorporates channel coupling and tracking functions with synchronous on/off  or configurable on/off delays

  • Multi-ranging operation delivers rated power at multiple voltage/current combinations
  • Advanced list mode programming with internal storage for 10 list mode programs
  • Direct data logging to a USB flash drive
  • Thermostatically-controlled fans for quiet operation
  • Adjustable voltage and current slew rates
  • Built-in web server for control of basic power supply settings
  • Oscilloscope-like display mode to graphically monitor voltage and current readings
  • Front and rear output connections, rear panel remote sense terminals for each channel
  • Digital I/O terminal offers external triggering, voltage fault and remote inhibit capabilities
  • USB (USBTMC-compliant) and LXI compliant LAN interfaces standard, GPIB optional

Product Variants

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Triple output DC Power Supply 300W/32V/8A


Triple output DC Power Supply 300W/32V/8A with GPIB


Triple output DC Power Supply 300W/60V/4A


Triple output DC Power Supply 300W/60V/4A with GPIB
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