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BK Precision BK9200B Series

Multi-range programmable DC Power Supply models from 200 to 600W

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The 9200 Series multi-range power supplies automatically recalculate voltage and current limits for each setting, providing full output power in any Volt/Amp combination within the rated voltage and current limits.

For benchtop applications, these power supplies provide a numerical keypad for direct data entry along with convenient cursors and analogue style knobs to quickly make incremental voltage or current changes. System integrators benefit from the standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), RS-232, and GPIB interfaces supporting SCPI commands.

  • Multi-ranging operation
  • High programming and readback resolution of 1 mV/0.1 mA
  • Output timer function
  • List mode programming
  • Store and recall up to 72 instrument settings
  • Standard USB (USBTMC-compliant) and RS-232 interfaces supporting SCPI commands for remote control
  • Remote sense
  • Over voltage protection (OVP), overpower protection (OPP), over temperature protection (OTP), and key-lock function
  • NI-certified LabVIEW driver and soft panel for remote control, test sequence generation, and data logging available
  • Compact 19" half-rack form factor allows for side-by-side rack mounting of two units

Product Variants

Model Price


Multi-range programmable DC Power Supply 200W, 0-60V - 0-10A


Multi-range programmable DC Power Supply 360W, 0-60V - 0-15A


Multi-range programmable DC Power Supply 600W, 0-60V - 0-25A


Multi-range programmable DC Power Supply 600W, 0-150V - 0-10A
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Series Model Price
19” rack mount kit for 2U and  ½ width 2U