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Aim-TTi TF900 Series

Bench/portable universal counters with USB interface 3GHz or 6GHz

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  • Frequency, period, pulse width, frequency ratio, duty cycle, and event counter modes
  • DC to 3000 or 6000MHz range, 0.001mHz resolution
  • High impedance measurement up to 125 MHz
  • AC or DC coupling, 1M/50Ohm selection, polarity invert
  • Switchable attenuator, threshold control
  • Noise filter for low frequency measurements
  • Selectable measurement time; display hold function
  • Large 10 digit display with full range of annunciators
  • Internal rechargeable batteries for portable use
  • USB interface provides full remote control and readback

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Bench/portable universal counters with USB interface 3GHz Counter


Bench/portable universal counters with USB interface 6GHz Counter
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