Advanced Test and Measurement
Instruments and Power Supplies


Elettrotest originally made instruments for measuring power, voltage and current for industrial systems.  To this was added specialist equipment for measuring the characteristics of asynchronous motors, including the indirect measurement of the temperature changes during operation.

The range was gradually extended to control systems for various civil and industrial applications and in particular to thermostatic control for heating and cooling plus a range of programmable stabilized AC power supplies which are increasingly used for lab and line testing.

Elettrotest CPS/M AC power source - 1kVA versions front CPS/M Series
Single-phase AC Power Source models from 1kVA to 10kVA
Elettrotest CPS/T AC Power Source- 3 phase 5kVA models CPS/T Series
3-phase AC Power Source models from 5kVA to 40kVA
Elettrotest HPS Series AC power source HPS Series
3-phase AC Power Source models from 60kVA to 200kVA
Elettrotest RPS Series AC power source RPS Series
3-phase AC power source 20kVA
Elettrotest TPS/M - 1.5kVA and 3kVA AC Power Source models TPS/M Series
AC Power Source models from 1.5kW to 9kW
Elettrotest TPS/T 3-phase AC power source -  10kVA model TPS/T Series
3-phase AC Power Source models from 10 to 90kVA