Advanced Test and Measurement
Instruments and Power Supplies


Vitrek is a leading US manufacturer of high voltage test and power measurement equipment.  TTid provide full sales and technical support for all of these products in the UK.

Vitrek DL Series electronic load -  Front panel DL Series
Electronic Load with models from 125W to 500W
Vitrek 951i Electrical Safety Analyzer (95X Series) 95X Series
Electrical Safety / Hipot Tester with models from 6 to 20kVAC and 6.5 to 15kVDC.
Vitrek V74 (V7X series) Hipot tester V7X Series
Hipot Tester range
Vitrek 981i (98x Series) insulation resistance tester - front 98x Series
Teraohmmeter/Insulation Resistance Tester with 6.5kV and 11kVDC models
Vitrek 4700 High Voltage meter 4700
Precision High Volt meter
Vitrek PA900 power analyzer PA900 Series
4 Channel Power Analyzer with different precision and channel card options
K2 High current 4-wire 2-clip set Accessories
Accessories for Vitrek equipment
Vitrek 4700 front panel 4700 Options
Options for the 4700 precision HV meter
Vitrek 95X series image - for illustration only 95X Series Options
Options for Vitrek 95X Series
Vitrek 964i high voltage switcher cards 964i Cards
Module cards for 964i switching system
Example image: card for Vitrek PA900 series PA900 Options
Cards and options for PA900 power analyzer
Vitrek V75 rear panel - for illustration purposes V7X Series Options
Options for the V7X series
Vitrek 964i high voltage switcher - front panel 964i
High voltage switching system with 8 card capacity and a range of input card options.
Vitrek SE Series high voltage safety enclosure - closed SE Series
Safety Enclosure for V7x or 95x in different sizes