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New Chroma 62000E Power Supplies

Chroma 62000E Power Supplies

One for Three! All-new 1U DC Power Supply with 3-channel Output

Chroma ATE launches the 62000E series of 1U DC power supplies with 3-channel output. This brand new addition to Chroma's line of power supplies adopts full digital circuit control and high-power SiC MOSFET power devices as well as high-speed stability, high-power density, and 92% high efficiency. The 28 models offer either single-channel or 3-channel output, output power from 1.7kW to 5kW per channel, voltage output ranging of 230V to 1200V, and output current up to 22.5A.
  • Voltage rating: Up to 1200V
  • Current rating: 22.5A max.
  • Single output models: 1.7kW, 3.4kW, 5kW
  • Multiple output models: 3 x 1.7kW channels in 1U
  • Master/slave parallel up to a max of 20kW
  • Fixed or Auto-ranging output models
  • Auto sequence programming
  • CV/CC modes priority
  • High-precision measurement
  • High speed transient response <1ms
  • Low output ripple & noise
  • Intuitive and user-friendly touch screen
  • Standard USB/LAN/LXI interfaces
  • Optional APG, CAN FD, GPIB, and master/slave parallel control interfaces
  • AC input: 1-phase/3-phase 200~240Vac or 3-phase 380~400Vac (model dependent)

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Posted Monday 31st of January 2022