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ITECH M3000 series

ITECH announce four new M Series compact DC power solutions

Adding to the M3100 series 1U, half rack width DC power supplies, ITECH has announced four more model ranges:
  • IT-M3200 Series High accuracy DC power supply series with 100 to 360W models
  • IT-M3300 Series Regenerative electronic load series with 200 to 800W models
  • IT-M3400 Series Bi-directional programmable DC power supply series with 200 to 800W models
  • IT-M3600 Series Regenerative Power System series with 200 to 800W models
All are built on the same platform, but give a different emphasis for different usage scenarios:

At the foundation of the range, the IT-M3100 series power supply is a general purpose high power density design.  At only 1/2 width 1U high it has an output power of up to 850W with models in the range capable of up to 600V and up to 100A. The design uses an autoranging output making it possible to get a wider range of current and voltage within a fixed power envelope.

The IT-M3200 is a high-precision programmable DC power supply and adopts a mixed mode regulation design.  This gives a lower power output than the IT-M3100 series, but with lower noise and ripple and a better dynamic load response. It also provides current measurement from the ampere level down to the micro-ampere level.

The IT-M3300 isn't a power supply at all.  It's an electronic load with similar power ratings to the IT-M3100 series which can not only simulate various load characteristics, but also can feed back electrical energy to the local grid instead of dissipating it as heat. The regeneration efficiency can be up to 90%, which greatly reduces the user's electricity cost. It also avoids the using of cooling systems and reduces noise.

The IT-M3400 series is something special: a bi-directional power supply combining the ability of the IT-M3100 to generate power, but adding the ability to sink it too, behaving like an electronic load when the connected device is generating power.  It switches seamlessly between source and sink and, when sinking power, is able to feed it back to the local grid.

At the top of the range, the IT-M3600 takes the same basic design as the IT-M3400: a regenerative bi-directional power supply, and adds a fully featured Electronic Load mode with a range of operating modes. 

There's a lot more to these devices than can be even touched upon here, for more information, visit the product pages of the different series (links below) where the datasheets are available and, as always, just Contact Us or Call 01480 412451 to find out more.

Posted Monday 18th of May 2020