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Pico PicoScope 9404-05 SXRTO

SXRTO?? Sampler Extended Real-Time Oscilloscope!

The PicoScope 9400 Series uses equivalent-time sampling (ETS) to capture high-bandwidth repetitive or clock-derived signals without the expense or jitter of a very high-speed real-time oscilloscope.  The 5GHz bandwidth is matched by a guaranteed 70ps rise time.  The ETS mode enables timing resolutions down to 1ps, and can quickly build waveforms with up to 2 million triggers per second.  Although the 9404-05 has real-time sampling of 500MS/s, by repeatedly sampling a repetitive signal with random time offsets and building up a picture of what lies between the previous samples, the 9400 Series has a "Random Equivalent-Time Sampling" rate of 1TS/s.  So what is an SXRTO? It's a Real-Time Oscilloscope which uses random ETS and an extended analogue bandwidth to provide a cost effective means of analyzing high bandwidth repetitive signals. In some senses, it is a hybrid between a standard real-time scope and a sampling scope such as the PicoScope 9300 series with a unique blend of features.

To find out more, visit the product page linked to below where a very informative data sheet is available and Contact Us or Call 01480 412451 for further details.

Posted Tuesday 12th of March 2019

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