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Rohde and Schwarz HMC8015

Power Analyzer DC to 100kHz, 600V/20A

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The HMC8015 power analyzer is a compact tester for AC/DC load and standby current characterization that enables measurements without additional tools such as a computer or remote infrastructure. In addition to a numerical and graphical display with 26 key parameters, the instrument supports performance and compliance protocols in line with IEC 62301, EN 50564 and EN 61000-3-2.

  • Power measurement range: 50 μW to 12 kW
  • Analogue bandwidth: DC to 100 kHz
  • Sampling rate: 500  ksample/s
  • 16‑bit resolution for current and voltage
  • Basic accuracy: 0.05 %
  • 26 different measurement and mathematical functions
  • Genuine consumption meter thanks to hardware‑based integrator
  • Limit testing with PASS/FAIL indication for up to six limits selectable from 14 measurands (e.g. U, I, P, S, Q, F)
  • 2U half rack width, rack kit for two units available (HZC95)
  • USB port (virtual COM port, TMC)
  • Ethernet port (LXI) with integrated web server
  • IEEE-488 (GPIB) port (R&S®HMC8015-G)
  • Compliance test for key standby and harmonic standards
  • Remote control via SCPI-based commands
  • Driver packages for LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, VXI, IVI.net

Product Variants

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Power Analyzer


Power Analyzer with GPIB option
Model Description Price
Advanced Analysis option (voucher) for HMC8015 
Advanced IO option (voucher) for HMC8015 
Compliance Test Option (Voucher) for HMC8015 
Series Model Price
Mains Adapter for HMC8015 Power Analyzer, CHN/AUS socket (accessory)
Mains Adapter for HMC8015 Power analyzer, EU socket
Mains Adapter for HMC8015 Power analyzer, UK socket (accessory)
Mains Adapter for HMC8015 Power analyzer, US socket (accessory)
19” rackmount kit 2RU for HMC series