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Rohde and Schwarz NRX

RF Power Meter supporting up to 4 NRP or NRQ6 sensors

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The NRX base unit can measure up to 4 channels with hardware and software options. It supports a range of sensor interfaces from the NRP and NRT series plus the NRQ6.  Sensors can be connected via 8-pole connectors (2 on front panel, with a further 2 as a hardware option NRK-B4 on the back panel), by USB (1 on the front panel, 1 on the back) or by Ethernet depending on the sensor requirements. It is also possible to use a single NRT sensor with the NRX-B9 hardware option on the front panel. 

A single channel of analysis is standard, with a second channel being enabled by software option NRX-K2 and channels 3 and 4 by option NRX-K4. 

The instrument supports all sensor-dependent measurement functions and, depending on the sensor, supports a frequency range from DC to 110GHz and power from 0.1fW to 30W.  Control is largely from the 12.7cm touchscreen with 800 x 480 resolution.

Product Variants

Model Price


RF Power Meter base unit  
Model Description Price
Removable sensor check source for NRP power sensor verification
3rd and 4th NRP sensor connector
NRX GPIB/IEEE488 interface (hardware option)
Interface for one NRT-Z power sensor (hardware option)
NRX 2nd measurement channel (software licence)
NRX 3rd and 4th measurement channels (software licence)
Series Model Price
Rack mount kit for 1 x NRX
Rack mount kit for 2 x NRX