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Dynamic climate chamber with extended low temperature range and humidity control - models from 115L to 734L

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  • Temperature range: -70°C to 180°C
  • Humidity range: 10% to 98% RH
  • Integrated water-storage tank, 20 litres
  • 4 zero-voltage relay contacts
  • APT.line™ preheating chamber technology
  • Programmable condensation protection for test material
  • Intuitive touchscreen controller with time-segment and real-time programming
  • Internal data logger, measured values can be read out in open format via USB
  • Heated viewing window with LED interior lighting
  • Humidity regulation with capacitative humidity sensor and vapour humidification
  • BINDER Multi Management Software APT-COM™ Basic Edition
  • Troubleshooting system with visual and audible alarms
  • Class 2 independent adjustable temperature safety device (DIN 12880) with visual alarm
  • Access port with silicone plug (Models 115, 240: 50 mm, left)
  • 2 access ports with silicone plugs (Model 720: 80 mm, left and right)
  • 4 castors, two with brakes
  • Computer interface: Ethernet
  • 230 V power socket on the right-side control panel
  • Adjustable ramp function
  • Integrated chart recorder
  • Real-time clock
  • Alarm notification in the event of insufficient water in fresh water tank
  • Complete safety connection kit for water supply and drainage, up to 1 m in height
  • Inner chamber made of stainless steel
  • CFC-free refrigerants R-452A and R-23
  • Cooling with cascade compressor cooling unit

Product Variants

Model Price


Dynamic climate chamber 115 L, 400 V 3 ph 50 Hz


Dynamic climate chamber 228 L, 400 V 3 ph 50 Hz


Dynamic climate chamber 734 L, 400 V 3 ph 50 Hz
Model Description Price
Package A
Battery ageing test package POA
Package P
Battery performance testing package POA
Package S
Battery stress testing package POA
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