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Vitrek 98x Series

Teraohmmeter/Insulation Resistance Tester with 6.5kV and 11kVDC models

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Built upon the same DSP technology as Vitrek's hipot test systems, the 98xi devices feature a unique combination of performance features including:

  • 6.5kVDC (981i) or 11kVDC (983i) maximum output
  • Transfer measurements up to 150 Teraohms
  • Multi-dwell Functionality (multiple steps without having to return to zero between steps)
  • High-speed Testing (with dwell times as low as 100 ms)
  • Pico-Amp Leakage Measurement (with stable and precise 50 Teraohm insulation resistance readings)
  • Continuously Variable insulation resistance Test Voltage (adjustable over the full output range of the instrument in 1 V steps)
  • Multi-mode insulation resistance (three test modes – end on time, end on pass, end on fail)
  • Capacitance Test Modes (critical for solar panels, cable harnesses and other capacitive loads)

For applications requiring insulation resistance testing of multiple conductors, the Vitrek 98×1 Testers have the capability of directly controlling up to four 64-channel Vitrek 964i high-voltage scanners. Utilizing a PC equipped with Vitrek’s QT Enterprise™ software, the same instrument can handle up to 1020 test points.

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Teraohmmeter/Insulation Resistance Tester 6.5kVDC


Teraohmmeter/Insulation Resistance Tester 11kVDC
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(GUL-3) GPIB interface option for the 950i series POA
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