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VTI Instruments

VTI Instruments (formerly VXI Technology) is a leading supplier of high-density modular test, measurement and data acquisition instruments.   The company‚Äôs products and systems are used to monitor and record data that characterizes the physical integrity and performance of aircraft, engines, and other large structures, as well as to automate the functional testing of complex electronic systems.  A particular specialization is large scale multi-channel data acquisition and control achieved with modular and virtual instruments.  VTI Instruments is an Ametek company. 

VTI data acquisition system Data Acquisition Systems
VTI NVH solution NVH/DSA
NVH/DAS Products
VTI RX0424 accelerometer system RX0424
Rugged Accelerometer Instrument
VTI PXIe controllers Test Instruments and systems
Test Instruments
VTI EX1403A bridge and strain gauge instrument - front panel EX1403A
16-Channel bridge and strain gauge measurement instrument
VTI EX1629 Strain Guage measurement unit Strain and Fatigue measurement
Structural, Strain and Fatigue Testing
VTI SMX Series PXIe cards SMX Series
PXIe card switching solutions
VTI switching and routing cards in a frame Switching Systems
Switching Systems
VTI EX1401 thermocouple measurement system - front EX1401
Thermocouple and Voltage Measurement Instrument with LXI and PoE+
VTI Temperature measurement solution Temperature Measurement
Temperature Measurement Solutions