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Yokogawa PX8000

Power Analyzer with modular inputs

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The PX8000 is a precision power scope, bringing oscilloscope-style time-based measurement to the world of power measurement. It can capture voltage and current waveforms precisely, opening up applications and solutions for a huge variety of emerging power measurement problems. 

  • Simultaneous power calculation
  • Cycle-by-cycle power trend measurement
  • Specific time-period power measurement
  • X-Y display and phase analysis
  • Capture sudden or irregular phenomena
  • Long-period data capture and analysis
  • FFT Analysis
  • Simultaneous harmonic measurement

Product Variants

Model Price


Power Analyzer
Model Description Price
Voltage module, DC to 20 MHz bandwidth, 1.5 V to 1000 Vrms direct input   POA
Current module, DC to 20 MHz bandwidth (sensor), 10 mA to 5 Arms direct input, 50 mV to 10 Vrms sensor input   POA
Current module without sensor input, DC to 10 MHz bandwidth, 10 mA to 5 Arms   POA
Auxiliary module: Torque and speed sensor inputs, pulse input from 2 Hz to 1 MHz, voltage measurement   POA
PowerViewer software dedicated for PX8000 POA
PX8000 Option B5
Built in printer POA
PX8000 Option C20
IRIG Time Code input POA
PX8000 Option G5
Harmonic Measurement option POA
PX8000 Option M1
50M Memory upgrade option POA
PX8000 Option M2
100M Memory upgrade option POA
PX8000 Option P4
Probe power supply, 4 channel POA
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