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NEW ITECH IT-M3140 Programmable DC Power Supply


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ITECH IT-M3140 Programmable DC Power Supply

Up to 1200V & 3kW of power in 2U half rack!

IT-M3140 Programmable DC Power Supply is specially designed for testing, production, R&D lab and ATE integration. It is only 2U half rack, but can output power up to 1850W and 3000W, and voltage output from 30V to 1200V. It has three output modes of constant voltage, constant current and constant power. Automatic wide-range output enables it to achieve a wider output voltage and current range at full power output, meeting a wider range of testing requirements and greatly saving equipment purchase costs. Not only that, IT-M3140 is a DC power supply integrating high stability, fast response (<1ms), high-level protection functions and LIST programmable functions. This series is equipped with a standard USB/LAN interface, and can be used with ITECH’s free PV3140 software to easily realize remote control and data storage, and is easy to integrate. IT-M3140 can be widely used in semiconductor device ATE, burn-in integration, testing and certification, power module and automotive electronics and other fields.

♦ Only 2U half rack, 1850W/3000W
♦ 30V-1200V, 150A
♦ Three output modes: CV/CC/CP
♦ CC/CV priority to avoid current overshoot
♦ Fast dynamic response: <1ms
♦ According to the voltage and current waveform output programmed by LIST, the rising and falling slopes are adjustable
♦ Fold back, UVP/OVP, UCP/OCP, OPP, OTP, inhibit protection, more secure and reliable
♦ The Sense protection circuit combined with software and hardware can effectively detect Sense reverse connection and missing connection, and protect the DUT
♦ Standard USB/LAN, optional RS232 & analogue, GPIB, easy to integrate

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Posted Thursday 12th of January 2023