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New ITECH IT-M3900 Regenerative, Bi-directional and High Power DC Series

NEW ITECH IT-M3900 Series

IT-M3900 series redefined high power density 

The IT-M3900 series combines four series of DC power supplies, bi-directional power supplies, regenerative power system and regenerative electronic load. It continues the ultra high power density design of M series, with a maximum power of 6kW (12KW in 2U), current of 510A and voltage up to 1500V in 1U, comfortable system scalability, and a small physical size could save extra space and fully meet the stringent requirements of various requests with the multi-functional, high energy-saving, high safety and high stability product design.

IT-M3900B: A regenerative power system featuring two instruments in one: It can be used as a bidirectional DC power supply or as an independent regenerative load with one button switching between the two - a useful feature for a wide range of applications such as battery, energy storage, electric vehicles, green energy and some ATE fields.

IT-M3900C is a regenerative bidirectional programmable DC power supply, it is not only a stand-alone bidirectional DC power supply but also can be used as a regenerative electronic load to absorb the consumed energy and feed it back cleanly to the grid. The high-efficiency energy feedback not only saves electricity and heat dissipation costs but also does not interfere with the operation of the power grid. IT-M3900C provides high accuracy output measurement, high reliability, high safety and abundant measurement functions. IT-M3900 meets customers' high accuracy automatic ATE testing requirements in fields such as automotive electronics, new energy vehicles, photovoltaic energy storage, intelligent industrial equipment, battery simulation, etc. 

IT-M3900D series is a single channel programmable DC power supply. The high power-density design effectively saves rack space while the auto-ranging output design provides a wider range of voltage and current combinations within the specified power envelope meaning a single unit can take the place of multiple power supplies of fixed output capability. The CC/CV priority allows the user to switch the output mode according to the requirements of the of the DUT priority, matching the product characteristics with high-precision and high-speed.  A variety of standard communication interfaces simplify and accelerate the test development process in such scenarios as laboratories, production lines, and automatic test systems.

IT-M3800 series is a regenerative DC electronic load - it does not only perform as a DC load, but also feeds back the dissipated power to the grid, saving electricity and cooling costs. It can perform high-precision output measurements and supports multiple protection functions. It is well suited to the testing of 5G communication infrastructure, data centre, industrial components, ageing tests, PV and energy storage tests, power optimization and other fields.

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Posted Friday 28th of January 2022