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Sorensen DC power supplies are used in R&D, test and measurement, process control, power bus simulation and power conditioning applications across a wide variety of industrial segments.

The Sorensen brand product line includes DC programmable power supplies, DC linear power supplies, DC benchtop power supplies and DC modular power supplies ranging from 30W to 150kW.

Sorensen ASD-FLX series modular water-cooled DC Power Supply ASD FLX Series
Water cooled modular DC power supply with models from 10 to 30kW in 3U chassis
Sorensen ASD Series DC power supplies - 3u chassis ASD Series
DC Power Supply high power density water cooled 3u rack, 10 to 30kW
Sorensen Asterion DC Series Power Supply Asterion DC
Programmable DC Power Supply with models from 1.7kW to 10kW
Sorensen DCS20-50E DCS series 1kW DC power supply - 1u chassis DCS Series
Switching DC Power Supply models from 1 to 3kW
Sorensen DLM32-95E DLM Series DC Power Supply DLM 3kW and 4kW Series
DC Power Supply models from 1.75 to 4kW
Sorensen DLM600 series DLM 600 Series
DC Power Supply models from 5 to 300V, 2 to 75A, 375 to 600W
Sorensen HPD60-5 HPD series DC Power supply HPD Series
DC power supply with near linear performance, 300W
Sorensen HPX DC Power Supply rack HPX Series
High Power Extensible Programmable DC Power Supplies
Sorensen SG Series SGA (analogue control) SG Series
DC Power Supply models from 5kW to 30kW
Sorensen SG series water cooled - temporary image. SG WC Series
DC Power Supply - water cooled high power density models from 5kW to 15kW
Sorensen SGe Series SGe Series
DC Power Supply models from 5kW to 30kW
Sorensen SGX DC Power Supply 3U chassis front view SGX Series
Programmable DC Power Supply with systems from 4 to 150kW
Sorensen XBT32-3FTP (XBT Series) DC power supply XBT Series
222W triple output linear supply Triple Output, 0-32V/0-3A x2, 0-15V/0-5A/32W
Sorensen XFR100-28 (XFR Series) DC power supply XFR Series
DC Power Supply models up to 2.8kW
Sorensen XG 1500 series DC power supply XG 1500 Series
DC power supply 1u rack, up to 1500W
Sorensen XG 1700 series DC power supply XG 1700 Series
DC power supply 1u rack, up to 1700W
Sorensen XG850 DC power supply XG 850 Series
DC power supply 1u half rack up to 850W
Sorensen XHR600-1.7 XHR series DC power supply XHR Series
1kW DC Power supply with models up to 600V or 130A
Sorensen XPD60-9 XPD series DC power supply XPD Series
DC Power supply with models for up to 120V or 67A
Sorensen XT60-1 XT Series DC power supply XT Series
Linear DC Power supply with 42 and 60W models
Sorensen SLD series dual channel electronic load module in SLM-1 single bay mainframe chassis SLD Series
Electronic Load - dual input DC modules from 50W to 100W
Sorensen SLH series electronic load SLH Series
Electronic Load - rack mounted programmable DC with models from 600 to 1800W, includes GPIB/RS-232
Sorensen SLM series mainframe with 4 modules SLM Mainframe
Modular Electronic Load
Sorensen SLM single channel electronic load module SLM Series
Electronic Load with DC and AC/DC models from 150W to 300W
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