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Pico Technology

Pico Technology has been designing and manufacturing test equipment in the UK since 1991 and is now widely regarded as being the leading producer of USB linked PC digital oscilloscope and data acquisition products.  Although the product range started out with extremely simple low tech products, Pico Technology range now extends to high-end multi-channel 20GHz sampling oscilloscopes and associated products such as arbitrary waveform and differential pulse generators among others.

Pico Technology TA189 30A current clamp Current Probes
Current Probes
Pico Technology PicoLog 1000 Series data logger PicoLog 1000 Series
Data logger with 12 input 10 bit or 16 input 12 bit.
Pico Technology PT104 4 channel temperature logger Temperature Data Acquisition
Temperature Data Aqcuisition
Pico Technology PicoLog ADC-20 data logger Voltage and Current Data Acquisition
Voltage and Current Data Acquisition
Pico Technology PicoVNA 106 VNA - front PicoVNA
USB Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) with 6 and 8.5GHz models
Pico PicoScope 6000E Series - front 6000E Series
Real Time Oscilloscope with 4 and 8 channel models and FlexRes options
Pico PicoScope 9402-05 (9400 Series) SXRTO - front 9400 Series
SXRTO Oscilloscope with 5 or 16GHz, 2 or 4 channel models
Pico Technology PicoScope 2000 series PC Oscilloscope PicoScope 2000 series
USB PC Oscilloscope 25 to 100MHz, 2 or 4 channels, with or without MSO or probes
Pico Technology PicoScope 3000 Series PicoScope 3000 Series
USB PC Oscilloscope 50 to 200MHz
PicoScope 3000E front panel PicoScope 3000E Series
4 Channel USB Oscilloscope with 350 and 500MHz versions
Pico Technology PicoScope 4824 PC USB oscilloscope PicoScope 4000 Series
USB PC Oscilloscope 2 to 8 channels, 12 or 16 bit, with or without accessories
Pico PicoScope 4824A (4000A series) 8 channel oscilloscope PicoScope 4000A Series
USB PC Oscilloscope 2 to 8 channels, 20MHz
Pico Technology PicoScope 5444D MSO (5000D Series) PicoScope 5000D Series
USB PC FlexRes® Oscilloscope with 2 or 4 channels, 60 to 200MHz, 128 to 512MS capture memory
Pico Technology Picoscope 9321 PC oscilloscope PicoScope 9300 Series
Sampling USB PC oscilloscope, 20 or 25GHz, 2 or 4 channels, with or without CDR/TDR/TDT functionality
Pico 3-axis accelerometer kit Accelerometers
Single or 3 axis accelerometers
Some Pico Technology Accessories Accessories
Pico Accessories
6000 Series Accessories PicoScope 6000 Series Accessories
Replacement probes and accessories for Picoscope 6000 Series
9000 Series accessories sample image PicoScope 9000 Series Accessories
Accessories for Picoscope 9000 Series
Pico Technology PicoSource PG914 (PG900 Series) pulse generator - angled PicoSource PG900 Series
Fast-edge differential pulse generator models with Step recovery diode outputs or Tunnel diode outputs or both
Pico PicoSource AS108 8 GHz Agile Synthesizer - front panel AS108
8 GHz Agile Synthesizer
Pico Technology TA042 TA043 TA044 scope probe Active Differential Voltage Probes
Active Differential Voltage Probes
Pico Technology TA112 scope probe Active Single-Ended Voltage Probes
Active Single-Ended Voltage Probes
Pico Technology TA131 TA132 scope probe Passive Voltage Probes
Passive Voltage Probes
Pico Technology PicoConnect 900 Series probe PicoConnect
Gigabit, RF, Microwave and pulse passive probes with AC and DC coupled models from 4 to 9GHz